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What people are saying...

Nidra Unwind

Gennady K.

"I had pleasure to attend Nidra Unwind led by Quinn B.. She did a great job guiding through  the postures and giving adjustments when needed. As a relaxation practice, it couldn't have been presented better. Quinn led me through a descent into complete serenity. It was awesome. I would gladly visit the class again."

Nidra Unwind

Ashintha D.

"Quinn B.'s playful and heartfelt approach to a yogic lifestyle is infused in her offerings... be prepared for something adventurous, transformative, and deeply enriching."

Kundalini Yoga with Lynne Murfin

Jenn S.

"I had the privilege of attending the Inaugural Magical Mantra Meditation at The Sanctuary Space. The Sanctuary is a quiet, calm and well-decorated space. The Jaguar, symbol of strength and power, greets you as you walk into the room. As the sound frequencies of the Gongs changed, I could feel my body responding. Afterwards, I felt both my mind and body were rested as if I had just returned from holidays! I am looking forward to incorporating this type of meditation into my life on a daily basis. I already have my Eventbrite ticket to next Full Moon Gong Bath! Thank you to Dr. Lynne Murfin and her team for sharing The Sanctuary Space with all of us!"

Kundalini Yoga and Gong with SA Bliss

Caitie Ann

"I feel my best self when I practice Kundalini Yoga. It’s the perfect low-impact yoga focusing on holistic resonance, mantra, vibrations, and breath. It allows me to become aware of how I create and recognize my energy, my connectivity and my breath, and then to release and realign any “stuck” energy. It’s perfect for those with chronic illness or chronic pain. To sit in this healing space is exactly what the doctor ordered. The Sanctuary Space is a safe space to be exactly who you are, wherever you are in your healing journey. Today I was so grateful to be guided by S.A. Bliss. She created a safe and peaceful space, she encouraged us, she helped me release some unpleasant emotions, and she played the most beautiful gongs. I can’t wait for next week!"